Thursday, November 12, 2009

party oh party

rohaila was blowing the candles well.

he is my big boss, mr. shukor the executive director, the rest you can see his wife (who was responsible for this surprise party), mr. vijayakumar and mr.abdul halim suratman.

oh they are ex-4th floor mates, from left norsidayu, wan rafidatul and zamzuliza.
yes she won the day! akashah wore red kebaya modern, standing next to her friends haniza (contract manager) and zalhafizah.

i dunno why this action is made by puan salwah. cekak pinggang? then why mr. wan zulkifli was smiling? are they fighting? haha.. no way, they are waiting for the boss, to complete the surprise theme party.


Cik Faridah Huda said...

oooo..itu la rupa encik halim suratman......hehehhehehee...bos kesayangan ang....

SYED NAHAR said...

bahahaha...kesayangan? huish! ko mesti suka dia sbb dia punya rambut mcm sultan azlan la dia kan ex student MCKK...hehehe. marcoba.