Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Photo 1 : The City Hall

Photo 2 : The Merlion

Photo 3 : Skycrapers of S'pore.

Photo 4 : Hygienic city.

I took a chance to have a sight in Singapore, on Mar24 '08. I'd been in JB for my convocation for a few days, why i let my lazy legs to step onto S'pore. Even it was really exhausted, but i satisfied. Singapore is really clean, systematic city. No wonder it is just an island, only thinking how to spend the whole lifetime in an island as a Singaporean if never passing over the border, might be boring. I took a bus from JB, only 80 cents, check-in at the immegression then directly brought me to Queens Street. Then, touring the city within the metro network. Spending a few hours, i had Starbuck coffee at Raffles Place while having sight seeing to the City Hall and other skycrapers, then got to buy a few gifts at a store near Anderson Bridge, then walking to the Parliament, i took MRT to Orchird Road of course for shopping. Not much i bought, just a shirt at Hard Rock Cafe after having lunch there, window shopping at all. Only bought a few private gift at Tang's, then took a ride back to JB, as i had to travel home to Perak on the next day. it was just an unplanned journey in order to enjoy my convo-day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life in Delhi

Caption : Watch out!!! Nice to see, nice to hold, once you hit, consider to jail.

Caption : Is it Paris? See closer its India Gate.

Caption : I was standing next to an indian with Rajasthan dress (might be, i dunno!).

New Delhi is recently my second hometown. Working here brings me a lot of experiences. For examples are the Indian foods, Hindi language, culture and many more. If you wish to see the differences, help yourself to step here at least spend a few weeks then feels how incredible are they. Sometimes you may sick of them but you might be learning a brand new lesson that u cant get it somewhere else. Trust me!

seratas - my school

Caption : Taiping is the first town, so no wonder if everything is old.

Caption : Green and romantic scenery.

Caption : I knew Doli started their business just as a hawker at a market in town but now moves to a better convinient restarant, maybe their fried koey tiaw still remains delicious.

SERATAS or Sekolah Raja Tun Azlan Shah is my school. Located in Taiping, very close to the zoo even i heard clearly the lion's roar. Surrounded by Taiping Lake Garden, with a background of Maxwell Hill, it makes me quite regular with greens. So, i remember the moment being scared by group of monkey, they enter school compund freely, dining hall, corridors, hostels and everywhere. My history starts here, making friends. I love my friends even i know they might be having own family after getting married, even i know they might be forgetting me but at least we spent a great moment here, so wonderfull. I'm missing you all, but yes, time goes by and people change. Eventually, i hope we can still keep in touch as friendship ends forever.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

biodata separa lengkap

nama : sebenarnya syed nahar, better panggil nahar lah!
besday : tak yah lah, dah tua sangat dah ni..huhu.
education : i mmg pegi skolah, lepas SERATAS taiping i studied kat UTM.
career : plan nak jadi engineer tapi still creeping...topik sedih.
status : takkan janda kot? single la..
contact : email i kat atau
pastu kalau nak tgk blog, review la kat
hobi : tak pernah stick to one hobby, usually depends on money, time and mood.
peberet food : any, except curry (akan ditukar maybe after march, haha).


Whenever you walk, even you try to make it a prance and ignore the prank, dont worry as it comes with an unforgettable moment. Let today's sorrow be your future guide, that is how every little glimpse brings happiness, then laugh out loud! its a glee.