Thursday, February 28, 2013


Candi Prambanan (Candi Rara Jonggrang), Yogjakarta, Indonesia.
World Heritage Site by UNESCO,

12 December 2012

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Missed Flight

Last January,  I supposed to spend quality time in Myanmar. I bought return flight ticket to Yangon, expected to visit the relic place of Bagan. Unfortunately, for the third time I cancelled by holiday due to a few reasons. I started wishing to visit Myanmar since I saw pictures uploaded in Facebook by a friend, Bagan is truely amazing!

It was about the visa. Tourist visa consumes 5 working days to be completed, in case if there is no problem in between you, immigration and the embassy. I cant imagine right now what  kind of issues commonly to fail visa application to Myanmar, but you may have to plan for it in advance. Then, i also made less study about Myanmar. Plus you may know how critical is the recent condition in Myanmar, either peace or having crisis. 

Bagan, the main focus on my visit, is actually about 8 hours drive from the city of Yangon. What options you have to take you there. Is there any public transportation like bus and taxi? Maybe you can book a flight, which will take less 3 hours to reach there. I just had my beautiful days in Yogjakarta, then Cameron Highlands, so why not i make some savings as I have another important travel to Hanoi. I cant wait to see Halong Bay, another UNESCO heritage site.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pakcik Kelakar

Aku tak kenal siapa dia ni, tapi status pakcik la. Dia ni kerja dengan in-house consultant dekat ofis aku kerja. Tiap kali dia datang ofis, aku dengar mesti orang ketawa. Dia jarang di ofis, sebab kerjanya lebih di site. Tetibe suatu hari aku tengok fesbuk si lily. Aku nampak pakcik ni ada gambar yang ditagged kepada beberapa orang yang bekerja dengan consultant tu, termasuklah seorang boss ni, kak saripah.

Nak ketawa aku tengok gambar-gambar dia. Sambil kerja dia boleh posing sakan amik pic kemain. Orang yang lalu lalang drive kereta tak perasan ke? Tak pe lah, asal dia bahagia. Lagipun dia buat orang ketawa, dia pun happy, release tension pun juga. Paling tak tahan tengok dia buat kuak kupu-kupu atas divider jalan. Walaupun bahaya tapi aku rasa dia ni sporting habis. Siapa dia ni eh??

Friday, February 1, 2013

English Tea at Fraser's

Ye Olde Smokehouse,
Fraser's Hill.
24 January 2013