Monday, June 27, 2011

Langkawi - Islands Hopping

Depart from jetty, there was a gerak khas scene :P

This small island makes the total of 99 numbers of islands in Langkawi Archipelago.

Can you see a side view of a pregnant lady? The are head, breast and the preggy belly.

Lake of Dayang Bunting.

Nice fishing underneath shadow.

Heyya sexy curvy lizard.

Finally the boat drove us to Beras Basah Beach for free&easy activity.

Langkawi: Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa & Pulau Beras Basah,
25th of June 2011.


MiSsHaZeL said...

merancang nk pg sana!

SYED NAHAR said...

rancang tu penting. cost number 2. haha..

MiSsHaZeL said...

alamak! skng ni cost dah jadi no 1..haha

SYED NAHAR said...

no.3 ada tak??