Sunday, November 21, 2010


drive little further to okhla, there is tughlaqabad that was built by ghiyasuddin tughlaq in the 14th century.

these tughlaq architecture is very different that the rubble-built walls clinging to the shape of the hill, with perimeter almost 7 kilometers, completed with a citadel.

along the road, we can see the walls!

not far away, you will experience another amazing view of adilabad. it was built by his son named muhammad who is believed to be the murderer to the death of his father (based on readings).

eventually, both of them were buried peacefully at a same place, ghiyasuddin tomb that joined to the tughlaqabad fort by a causeway that crosses a lake. the tomb has a dome that made by white marble. (it was getting dawn, too bad! cant see the shining white marble.)

try to show the wall's angle but mr. photographer was fail..!haha!! still thank you faiz!

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