Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Mount Bromo is an active volcano, located in Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java of Indonesia. Bromo is derived from Javanese pronounciation of Brahma, The Hindu God. Latest eruption was recorded in Januari 2011. Even Semeru is the highest mountain but Bromo is always be the best spot for tourists to step on.
Bromo is accessible through nearby mountain village, Cemoro Lawang. It is possible to walk, but more convenience to take an organized jeep tour or just hire a horse. You may have a nice sunrise, the view point of Mount Penanjakan will gives you the ultimate experience.
On the way to Mount Bromo, you will see how unique it is. Bromo sits in the middle of a vast plain, called Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sand). Some people refer the scene as "Sea of Sand" or in Javanese it is called Segara Wedi. Chilling air, beautiful sorroundings and great experience were the perfect elements for your sweet escape.



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